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Our Story

We all want a little taste adventure in our lives and here at PepperBox we aim to bring some to your table. We have crafted a vibrant and rich wine filled with the taste of Southern Australia for you. It’s the perfect pairing to enhance the taste experience of your meals and to evoke your memories of past adventures.

Because every great taste adventure deserves a great wine. Whether you’re planning a new taste adventure or you’re reminiscing over past ones, PepperBox is the perfect partner to these occasions. How? By simply being a wine with cracking flavour. So bring some taste adventure to the table today, with PepperBox.

Our Heritage

PepperBox comes from sunny South Eastern Australia. It’s a part of Casella Family Brands, the largest family owned wine brand in Australia. Started in 1969 by Filippo and Maria Casella and now run by their son John Casella. For generations the Casella family, like many of us, have enjoyed great wine paired with fabulous food in the company of close friends and family.

Our Growers

The people who make PepperBox are important to us. Whether that be out on the vineyard or in the winery, everyone is a member of our extended family. Our growers have put together some of their favourite Daring Dishes.

Our Wines

Here at PepperBox we’re all about flavour, whether that be of our wine or enhancing the food it accompanies. Discover our wine, perfect for every meal.


Notes of pepper

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Notes of Plum

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Notes of Citrus and red fruits

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